Here at Tayside Re-Users, we believe in the joy of second hand. However, we know that some can feel nervous about stepping into the world of pre-loved goods, so we put together our top tips for buying second hand furniture.

Along with the people you share it with, furniture is one of the key elements of turning your house into a home. How you choose to dress your surroundings shows who you are as an individual, so whether your tastes are vintage or contemporary, retro or rustic, make sure you fill your home with items you love!

Know Your Budget

Before you go shopping, know what you’re willing to spend for an item, and stick to it. Despite the fact second hand is often more affordable than new furniture, it can be easy to get carried away when you find the perfect piece!


Make sure that lovely dresser’s going to fit before you traipse it home. Be sure to measure the width, depth and height of the space where you want your piece to go, then be sure check the pieces you find will fit.

Buy Quality

As second hand furniture is often more affordable than new, it means you can spend a little more and get something high quality for cheaper than something new and mass-produced.

Older furniture has often been made to last, so be sure to invest in a piece that is going to be good quality to get the most for your money.

Check the Condition

If an item isn’t pristine, that’s OK! Some wear and tear can add some incredible character to a piece but, if it’s not your thing, there’s always the option to restore it or up-cycle!

When doing this however, consider the costs before you buy the item to make sure you’re staying within your budget. You might also be able to replace some parts of a piece and still save overall. For example, why not consider buying a second-hand bed-frame but get a new mattress?

Getting it Home

If you’re heading out to buy second hand furniture, make sure you take the right size transportation with you. Solid second hand pieces might not break down into a handy flat pack!

If you can’t get it home in your own transportation, look into our ability to deliver pieces to your home.