Become a Member

As a charity, Tayside Re-Users is always looking for skilled, interested individuals to help us achieve our goals. In some cases, individuals may have particular skills which would make them well suited to become a trustee and play a crucial role in our governance and direction as a charity.

If you are interested in trusteeship or becoming a member, please contact us for some more information.

While some of the best benefits of membership are the karma associated as well as saving the planet, there are some other real tangible benefits. We offer a very stylish membership card you can produce when purchasing goods and every month there is a category of goods that is offered at 10% off. The list comes out every month in the monthly newsletter which is sent out to all members.

The list of reduced categories for 2024 are:

  • January – Dressing Tables
  • February – Coffee Tables
  • March – Bikes
  • April – Small Electrical Items
  • May – TVs
  • June – Bedside Tables
  • July – Office Furniture
  • August – Kitchen Tables & Chairs
  • September – Couches, Sofas & Suites
  • October – Bikes
  • November – Toys
  • December – TVs