If you are thinking about updating your living room or your kitchen this year, just hold the phone before you break out that IKEA catalogue and flip through the latest in modern designs. If you are on a budget or you fancy being a little more unique in your design this year, you can think about buying some second hand furniture for the space. Here are some top reasons why this is a great decision for your design this year.

Low Cost

The main benefit you can find with buying some second hand furniture rather than new ones is the price. When buying furniture for your home you can honestly spend thousands of dollars on great sofas and tables and lamps, but when you choose a great second hand table you can spend less than half the price. You can also get a man and van delivery to bring the furniture for you to your home for free!

Up-Cycling Opportunity

One of the things which will always excite people when they are thinking about doing up their home frugally is up-cycling. When you buy an old piece of furniture which is a little rough around the edges you will have the ability to change the piece and make it into something else. For example, if you bought yourself an old chest of drawers or small shelving unit, you can turn this into a modern mobile bar by adding wheels underneath, painting the whole thing and then storing your drinks and glasses inside. You can really have some fun with old furniture, and for a crafty soul this is always ideal.

Eco Friendly

If you are passionate about saving the environment and you care about making sure our planet stays happy for longer, a great choice to make would be to buy something antique or second hand. Not only will these prices have character and stories to tell, but you are recycling something which needs a new home and this can be incredibly helpful for the health of the planet. By using less new products you can save landfills from filling up and the environment being damaged.

They are Unique

The best reason to get yourself second hand furniture is to stand out. Why be the same as everyone else in the world when you can instead be unique and characterful? It is always fun to have and care for older items from periods of history because they have stories behind them and you can see these stories almost written on the furniture. For unique design and fun, second hand can’t be beaten.