In a British Heart Foundation survey of over 2000 first time buyers and renters, it was revealed that a third of adults in the UK are throwing their furniture, electrical appliances and homewares away instead of finding ways to give them a new lease of life.

30% of adults throw away household items that could have been donated, sold or reused, according to new research

This could be linked to the rise of “fast furniture” – replacing items in good condition due to rapidly changing interior design trends.

Findings also showed that just under one in five people aged 16-24 admitted they didn’t actually know how to donate or recycle homewares.

According to the survey, the main reasons for binning items instead of recycling or donating were not having transport and the speed and ease of dumping items.

It makes sense that millions of people could benefit from affordable items available second hand.

The survey also found that despite the financial pressures of buying a first home or taking on a new rental property, only two in five UK adults have bought second hand furniture and homewares.

Meanwhile, less than a third take advantage of online second hand retailers like Ebay and Gumtree.

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