It’s been a wild year, global pandemics, brilliant social media posts and… I can’t remember anything else of note. When we were allowed to trade we did exceptionally well thank you to all of our customers and re-users throughout Tayside.

We have indeed weathered the most difficult time in our history. The furlough scheme support from the Government ensured that we were able to retain all our staff for re-opening.

We were extremely saddened in June 2020 to be told of the death of one of our most charismatic trustees Prof Rob Gray. His last act for us before going into hospital was to secure a large grant from Firstport, a Covid Business Support grant which gave us the security to keep our General Manager in post throughout the lockdowns. It was essential that we had one member of staff keeping on top of admin and keeping the buildings secure.

But Rob has been sorely missed. His contribution and support for the work of TR was immense. His dedication to our aims and objectives shone through in all he did for us. There are some people who cannot be replaced and Rob was most certainly one of those. However we are very grateful that we have new skills and talents in John Picken, our newest Trustee. Appointing new Trustees with wider skills than present is an important task for this coming financial year. We will welcome an approach from anyone with an interest in our work.

We keep going in our work with TR which is becoming increasingly recognised as a valuable contribution in tackling climate change. Re-using ever declining resources is an incredibly important element in mitigating the demands on this one planet of ours.