Spring is just around the corner. Perhaps a bike will be just the thing you need to keep fit this year.

Narrow the Search
Whether you want a road, mountain, or commuter bike, identify three or four models that suit your needs. If you’re not sure where to start, come in and have a look around at the bikes we have on offer.

Scrutinise the Frame
Small chips and scrapes in the paint are usually okay. But rust spots and frames with dents or cracks on the tubes are no good, those are weak spots and areas where the frame could fail in the future.

Look closely at areas that are under the most stress while riding (think: underneath the bottom bracket and around the frame joints, where cracks are more likely to form). But give the entire frame a close look cracks could form just about anywhere, and you don’t know if the bike was involved in a crash or mishandled.

Inspect the Parts
Replacing wheels and other major parts like a suspension fork or a drive train can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so make sure these critical parts are in top shape.

Tires themselves are easy (and affordable) enough to replace, and a wobbly wheel can usually be fixed with a little truing from an experienced mechanic. It’s really the wheel rims you’ll want to look over closely for damage or extreme wear from bikes that use rim brakes.

If you’re picking up the bike locally and are able to, your best bet is to do a quick test ride. Shift through all the gears and test the brakes.

Come in and have a look around.