As we bid farewell to the year 2023, Tayside Re-Users reflects upon another year of significant accomplishments and growth. This blog highlights the key milestones, challenges, and future aspirations that have shaped our journey in promoting sustainability through re-use.

Sales Growth and Profitability:
Tayside Re-Users is delighted to report yet another year of success, with our sales showing steady growth. Despite an increase in overheads, the overall profitability of our charity remains encouraging. We attribute this success to our strategic marketing efforts, particularly our emphasis on advertising.

Strategic Advertising Initiatives:
In the pursuit of increasing footfall, we integrated advertising into our core marketing strategy. Collaborating with a dedicated advertising company, we placed eye-catching posters on official billboard sites across the city. The response on online platforms has been equally promising, with appreciative comments pouring in for the advertised items and accompanying quirky comments.

The success of this endeavor has prompted plans to utilize buses as roaming billboards in the coming year, ensuring a wider reach and impact for our message of re-use.

Workforce Stability:
We are pleased to note that our workforce has remained relatively constant, a testament to the dedication and commitment of our team. Despite challenges, our staff and General Manager, along with the support of our dedicated Board of Trustees, have played a crucial role in sustaining the upward trajectory of our charity.

Recognition and Awards:
In October 2023, we experienced another exceptional year of sales, leading to our shortlisting for the Courier Business Awards in the “Transition to Net Zero” category. While we were ultimately unsuccessful the recognition itself enhances our opportunity to spread the re-use message further.

Future Goals and Challenges:
Looking ahead, our aim is to continue growing the business and promoting the ethos of re-use in an increasingly environmentally conscious population. Encouraging people to choose re-use over landfill or recycling is a sustainable option that we are committed to publicizing through an enhanced advertising strategy.

Maintaining a constant flow of donations is a challenge we acknowledge, and we are actively working to secure collaborations with various organizations. Our valuable partnership with Dundee City Council at The Hub at Baldovie Recycling site continues to provide an outlet for unwanted goods through re-use.

Acknowledgments and Gratitude:
It is crucial to recognize the indispensable contributions of our loyal and hardworking staff, our General Manager, and our dedicated Board of Trustees. Their commitment has propelled our charity into its 28th year, a remarkable achievement that every staff member, member, and trustee can take pride in.

In conclusion, Tayside Re-Users expresses gratitude to everyone who has been a part of our journey, and we look forward to continued growth, sustainability, and positive impact in the years to come. Together, we make a difference.