Perhaps this is familiar: you graduated from college and moved to your first apartment with nothing more than a beanbag and a cheap, but trusty coffee maker. Between IKEA, thrift stores, and your parents’ basement, you cobbled together apartment furnishings that gave your home the ultimate bohemian “chic” look. Now it’s time for your second (or third) apartment, and you’re ready to change up some pieces.

eBay and Craigslist might be on top of your list as you think of squeezing a little money out of your old furniture, but these options and auctions turn you off. By now, you must be wondering “What Now?” Well, if this is you, we’ve got a perfect answer for you – what about donating that furniture to a number of charities that can not only assist with furniture removal, but can also help you “pay it forward” to another family, recent grad, or anyone else in need? Your gift allows someone to purchase items at a very affordable rate and, in most cases, provides revenue to further job training and other community programming.

All it requires is a phone call to Tayside Re-Users: 01382 228806 And we can arrange to pick up whatever pieces you are looking to donate free of charge. We will collect sofas, suites and armchairs, tables, desks and cabinets, beds and wardrobes, TVs and washing machines. All we ask is that items are in a re-sellable condition, complete and working correctly, and that upholstered items have a fire label attached.

Please also dig deep into your wardrobes and cupboards and find those items you haven’t worn or used for years! Have a clear-out of clothes that are too big or small, ornaments you are tired of, and previously unused or unsuitable gifts.

The sale of all goods goes towards supporting the circular economy within Dundee and helping to provide local employment and training.