You only need the pages to do the following book crafts. Get out your pens, paint, and origami skills!

Book Page Painting: Painting a watercolour on top of a book page is simply lovely you get the beautiful combination of opaque words and translucent colour that’s beautifully mesmerising. Add in the details with a pen and your artwork just shines.

Book Page Wreath: I’ve seen hundreds of book page wreaths with rolled pages, but I love this one with the folded pages even better.

Printed Images on Pages: I love the way the images look on the printed page.

Book Page Buttons: I love the simplicity of these buttons. I’m thinking that if you used a waterproof shellac….they’d be adorable on purses and things that weren’t going to be washed.

What if you love the cover, but just used the pages for the crafts above? The following crafts utilise the cover and spine, but don’t require any pages.

Zipper Book Clutch: Sewing and books just seem to go together beautifully. These stunning zipper book clutches would be a beautiful cover for your tablet or phone depending on the size.

Sewing or Treasure Box Book: This sewing box is darling, practical, and stunning. Just use cardboard to create dividers the height of the spine. It would be so darling for embroidery projects too.

Book Planner: Get organised or keep track of your thoughts while staying beautifully stylish with this one. This Vintage Planner is just the way to do it. Put in your filler paper, and keep your system going with a beautiful book cover.

3-Ring Binder: Book turned binder – I love this idea. Take out the pages, and add a binder spine and you’ll have the most gorgeous 3-ring binder ever.

Maybe you’ve got a greedy streak in you and you want to use the whole book.

Accordion Folder Organizer: I love this because it’s super functional, includes sewing, and organisation. I think I’d store notes from my kids and special (flat) treasures in it.

Fairy Garden: Why not grow something magical in your book? This is simply gorgeous.

Folded Book Art: Why not spend a little time with the pages in a book and make a wonderful work of art?

Book Buildings: Why not make a whole village on your book shelf?